Some of Merel’s current projects include:

Science and music intersect in this engaging production which explores the question “Can music make us smarter?”. A lecture recital about music & the brain including a live experiment with a specially made app.

Merel loves to improvise, mostly from a classical context and with a classical sound. Improvised music has been backed by science to contribute a lot to audience engagement and stimulate creative areas in the brain both for musicians and audience members. Until 100 years ago classical composers and performers used to improvise a lot, but this has almost completely disappeared. But now Merel is there to bring improvisation (“Free Classical”) back to the stage!

Concert programme centered around poems by Paul Verlaine, with own arrangements for violin and piano of beautiful songs by a.o. Debussy.

Merel took the initiative together with composer Mathilde Wantenaar and the Alkmaars Symfonie Orkest to have a violin concerto written specially for violin and amateur orchestra, which is unique in Western art music.