Renewed trio42 in 2016!


After a sabbatical season, trio42 will return to the stage in 2016 with two new members! Dutch harpist Anneleen Schuitemaker (currently Master student at the Amsterdam Conservatory and academist at the Berlin Staatskapelle) and Argentinian saxophonist Juan Manuel Domínguez will join forces with Merel Vercammen. trio42 is looking forward to welcoming you to our concerts in the 2016-17 season!

Brahms Concerto


On Saturday Merel performed Brahms’ beautiful Violin Concerto with the Symphony Orchestra SOB under baton of Paul van der Reijden. Here’s a short videoclip from the performance:

Merel will perform the same concerto twice more this month, with the Nijmeegs Studentenorkest under the baton of Quentin Clare on the 15th and 18th of December.

Composition by Willem Jeths

Today Merel recorded a new composition by Willem Jeths, based on a short, very dark story by Kaatje Kaaij. Brilliant music that fits extremely well with the character of the story. It will be on air tomorrow (March 11) at 18:30 + Thursday (March 12) 10:30 at the Klassieken + after 18:00 in Passagio, all on Dutch Radio4

Merel Vercammen and Willem Jeths
Merel and Willem Jeths working on the recording. Willem is currently the Dutch National Composer (Componist des Vaderlands).
Merel Vercammen recording